We are builders, strategists, storytellers, designers, technologists and social impact specialists. We share a passion for tackling challenges that matter.

James Laurence Group is a management and social impact consulting company that brings together highly qualified and experienced senior level professionals who support many of the largest and most complex projects in British Columbia, work with all levels of government and the broader public sector, and provide expertise to non-governmental agencies and businesses.





From writers and designers to consultation and communication specialists, we provide a full range of communications and creative services that move projects forward sustainably.

Following a shared value approach, we work together with our clients to develop projects that benefit organizations and the communities where they operate.




We have extensive experience providing management consulting in the information technology, healthcare and energy sectors. We bring a deep understanding of organizations and the environments in which they operate. 

We work to create positive and sustainable outcomes for the communities and organizations we serve.


We provide full service strategic communications, engagement and creative consulting services. Our work ranges from evaluating social constraints to inform project design and decision making to delivering engagement programs that benefit organizations and communities. We support large resource and infrastructure projects through the design and environmental assessment stages and work with non profits to help build strong and resilient communities.

Committed to generating shared value, we bring leading international practices combined with a practical boots on the ground respect for corporate and local priorities.


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We believe information and people are powerful. We want to help you use them most effectively.


With experience at the senior executive level of large corporations and leading complex projects in information technology, energy  and health, our team brings professional management processes and experience with high-performing, interdisciplinary teams. 

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We get by with a little help from our friends.


As a team, we care about a lot of things. We believe design drives user experience and that if it looks good and feels good, chances are it is good. We believe in getting things done on time and on budget. We constantly seek out the balance between innovation and consistent, proven performance. We would rather reuse than recreate and we strive always to leave a lasting and positive impression.

We bring together a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who provide exceptional leadership and communications expertise to move your project forward.

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