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What is Collective Impact and how does it work?

Broadly defined, Collective Impact is an approach to social challenges that are too complex for one organization to address on its own.

Through the Collective Impact process, multiple organizations work together to achieve big goals like feeding the hungry, increasing literacy and finding homes for the homeless.

Thoughts on User Experience (UX)

Thoughts on User Experience (UX)

User Experience – or ‘UX’ as the technology world calls it – refers to how a person feels when interfacing with a system or product. Typically, this term has been reserved for techies who need to design products and systems people use and value. In the tech world, UX Designers are the specialists responsible for delivering UX.

Today, UX is making an impact on all aspects of corporate society. With the average North American exposed to about 3,000 ads every day, companies are looking for new ways to up their competition – and enhancing UX is the hot new trend.

There’s nowhere UX is more important than in the world of community engagement.